Deplorable inessentials

I think I need to make a distinction between being a deplorable consumer and a minimalist. I’m not a minimalist, though I do understand and appreciate many of the ideas of that subculture. Maybe I’ll move to minimalism one day, but there are some non-essential things that I enjoy that aren’t terribly expensive. They’re things that save time, save money, reduce effort, or otherwise add legitimate value to my (or Tradwife’s) life. I thought I’d list them out here by general price, but in no other particular order.

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Deplorable movie viewing

I think I’ve gone to more movies in the last (rolling) year than in the previous five. I saw Star Wars: The Force Awakens and Arrival. Sue me, I like science fiction/fantasy, or at least I used to. If you want reviews, Star Wars sucked donkey balls and Arrival was pretty good, though way more cerebral than I expected. Movies are $10.50 in Phoenix, and this year my success rate at enjoying them is 50%. I watch movies on Netflix, which is $11 a month for unlimited hours of really convenient time-wasting, and I can pause the movie to take a leak. Continue reading “Deplorable movie viewing”

My deplorable (lack of) cable TV

I “cut the cord” years ago. I’ve always had an uneasy relationship with TV. It’s mainly just another propaganda outlet driving the consumerist and establishment political agendas. I have one of those gadgets that pulls the digital signal out of the air. It gives a pretty nice picture when I put on the World Series. I think the gadget cost $18. Cable costs like $100 a month. Continue reading “My deplorable (lack of) cable TV”

My deplorable TV

Somebody posted a picture of a 101” curved 4K TV on one or another social media the other day. I have a big TV, or at least I think it’s a big TV. It’s a flat screen 50” or 52” or 54” or something. I don’t know the technical details about the resolution and I just had to turn around and look at it to know the brand. My wife bought it 11 years ago, long before we were married. I do know that it’s heavier than a new TV, so it takes a little more effort when we move it. My wife dusts it occasionally. Continue reading “My deplorable TV”