Building a deplorable wardrobe

The topic of “where do you shop for your clothes” came up on a men’s forum I frequent. This forum skews fairly young, but I offered my middle-aged deplorable advice: Continue reading “Building a deplorable wardrobe”


Deplorable shoe rehab

I’m literally taking a break from watching Fight Club on a Saturday afternoon to write this. As I’ve mentioned innumerable times, I’m vain as fuck and like to dress well. For a couple of years now, I’ve been patiently seeking a bargain on a decent pair of single-monk strap dress shoes. For a long time, everything I found fell into two categories:

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My deplorable suits

One of my current interests is “masculine style.” There’s an absolutely great website by that name, incidentally. Go look it up if you’re a man who wants to learn to dress well. Dressing appropriately and well doesn’t always mean dressing up, though I admit to enjoying suiting up for an event like the symphony or a formal occasion. Sue me, I’m vain that way.

The style world is vast. Everyone from custom suit makers to suit mills like Men’s Wearhouse want you to buy suits that you don’t necessarily need. They try to convince you that you’ll look like George Clooney in Ocean’s Eleven if you just buy their product. Even shows like Mad Men – which I actually liked a lot – are often just commercials for Brooks Brothers. Continue reading “My deplorable suits”