A deplorable kitchen

I go on and on here about the importance of cooking at home. And by that, I mean real cooking, not taking a heavily-preserved and cleverly-marketed food-like substance out of a colorful box and warming it in the microwave. That shit will make you obese, give you chronic diseases, and end you with a miserable and early death. A much better idea is to eat wholesome food selected from the periphery of the grocery store rather than from the aisles. Continue reading “A deplorable kitchen”


My deplorable Walmart food

Yup, I buy my groceries at Walmart. It’s cheaper than anywhere else, or at least cheaper than any place where the employees speak English. The shopping experience sucks at the ghetto Walmarts. The Walmarts in nice neighborhoods are perfectly fine. The Walmart in the nice neighborhood near my work is cheaper than the ghetto Walmart near my condo. Weird. Maybe they don’t have to hire so much security and they pass on the savings. Continue reading “My deplorable Walmart food”