Deplorable costs of eating

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Deplorable inessentials

I think I need to make a distinction between being a deplorable consumer and a minimalist. I’m not a minimalist, though I do understand and appreciate many of the ideas of that subculture. Maybe I’ll move to minimalism one day, but there are some non-essential things that I enjoy that aren’t terribly expensive. They’re things that save time, save money, reduce effort, or otherwise add legitimate value to my (or Tradwife’s) life. I thought I’d list them out here by general price, but in no other particular order.

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Those deplorable personal trainers

As I’ve mentioned in previous posts, I used to go to an expensive, fancy gym here in downtown. Like all commercial “fitness” centers, it had a cadre of personal trainers on staff (or maybe they’re contracted, I don’t remember). There were probably a half dozen trainers. Continue reading “Those deplorable personal trainers”