Building a deplorable wardrobe

The topic of “where do you shop for your clothes” came up on a men’s forum I frequent. This forum skews fairly young, but I offered my middle-aged deplorable advice: Continue reading “Building a deplorable wardrobe”


A deplorably thought-provoking documentary

I watched a show on Netflix a couple of weeks ago called Minimalism: A Documentary About the Important Things. It’s mainly about two affable young men who seem to be leading lights in the “minimalist movement.” There were some other minimalists in the movie, too, like Joshua Becker. I enjoyed the documentary and recommend it. And it got me thinking about where I have too much stuff in my life and where I’ve struck a good balance. Continue reading “A deplorably thought-provoking documentary”

My deplorable workout clothes

I was lifting weights last night and, being the deplorably vain man I am, was eyefucking my handsome self in the full-length mirror (read: “vintage” sliding closet doors in my 80s condo). I was wearing a V-neck gray cotton t-shirt I bought in a three-pack at Target and a pair of cotton shorts I bought at Kandahar Airfield in 2007. After lifting I went out to 9th Street to do a series of HIIT sprints. Same clothes, though I added a pair of cotton ankle socks and a pair of based New Balance runners I bought on sale at DSW. Continue reading “My deplorable workout clothes”