Locking down bars

I love bars and drinking, as you’ve probably noticed if you’ve read more than two or three of my posts. I like booze, I like the atmosphere of (most) bars, I like talking to people in bars. Hell, I even met Tradwife in a brewery. She wasn’t so Trad back then, but neither was I.

Yeah, I know it’s not good for me, physically. But as Charles Bukowski wrote, “Find the thing you love and let it kill you.” The bigger problem is that drinking can be a very expensive hobby.

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The truly deplorable NFL

I’m an American man, so I’m supposed to be obsessed with sports, most particularly the National Football League. I’m supposed to look forward to Monday Night Football, Thursday Night Football, and of course an entire day of football on Sunday. Depending on where you live, this applies even more so to college football on Saturdays. Continue reading “The truly deplorable NFL”