My deplorable phone

My company gives me a new cell phone every couple of years. They let me pick, within reason. Last time, two or three years ago, it was a Droid Mini. I still have it, and it generally works fine. I’m not 100% happy with the texting keypad and the outside is a little slippery, but other than that it’s fine. It makes calls, sends texts, navigates, browses the web, and has a bunch of apps (95% of which I never use). Continue reading “My deplorable phone”


My deplorable laptop

I’m typing this on a laptop I bought about five years ago, using free OpenOffice software in lieu of Microsoft Office. When I’m not at work, I use computers for writing documents, sending the occasional email, making budgets, and paying bills. My $50 Kindle Fire tablet is handier for consuming content like Twitter or porn. Continue reading “My deplorable laptop”

My deplorable TV

Somebody posted a picture of a 101” curved 4K TV on one or another social media the other day. I have a big TV, or at least I think it’s a big TV. It’s a flat screen 50” or 52” or 54” or something. I don’t know the technical details about the resolution and I just had to turn around and look at it to know the brand. My wife bought it 11 years ago, long before we were married. I do know that it’s heavier than a new TV, so it takes a little more effort when we move it. My wife dusts it occasionally. Continue reading “My deplorable TV”

My deplorable condo

I live in downtown Phoenix. My complex is about half elderly snowbirds who are only here half the year, when they flee the shitty weather of the great white north before they fall and can’t get up. The other half is gay guys with a sprinkling of students from the downtown branches of the area universities. My wife and I are among the very few straight couples under 50. Continue reading “My deplorable condo”

Start here, deplorable over-consumers

I was at dinner the other night with another marketing guy, a VP of Marketing to be exact, who is much more of a consumer than I am (he drives a Benz and shoots $4000 custom pistols). Even he agreed that the point of our jobs was to convince people – paraphrasing Tyler Durden to buy things they don’t need to impress people they don’t like. Continue reading “Start here, deplorable over-consumers”