The truly deplorable NFL

I’m an American man, so I’m supposed to be obsessed with sports, most particularly the National Football League. I’m supposed to look forward to Monday Night Football, Thursday Night Football, and of course an entire day of football on Sunday. Depending on where you live, this applies even more so to college football on Saturdays. Continue reading “The truly deplorable NFL”

A deplorable NYE observation

I took my wife to the Phoenix Symphony last night for their New Year’s Eve show. My wife is a musician, and the symphony is in regular rotation for us, thanks largely to the free tickets they donate to VetTix. They put on a great performance, as usual, and we had a blast. I wore my favorite deplorable suit, which cost well under $200 after tailoring and fits me like a custom suit. Continue reading “A deplorable NYE observation”

Looking back at a deplorable 2016

This is a big one. 2016 was a great year in terms of achieving both life and financial goals:

1. My wife left her job, which I believe will increase happiness for both of us. We’re traditionalists that way. Yeah, it was a $48K (pretax) hit in income. Sue me. We can easily live on my income, and quite well since we’re deplorable consumers. Continue reading “Looking back at a deplorable 2016”