Starving the beast!

It’s been a long time, I’ll just leave this good news here for now.

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A Deplorable Blazer

As I’ve mentioned, I’m vain as fuck and like dressing (reasonably) well. I have several blazers that I’ve owned for varying amounts of time, including one I wore to my father’s wedding in 1995 that’s finally come back into style. But as I’ve learned more about men’s style – start here to get an education on that – I’ve become dissatisfied with little things on each of the blazers I own. Not enough that I don’t want to wear them, mind you, just enough that I’m not 100% happy with any of them.

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Deplorable Picnics and Pokemon

One the things Tradwife (not sure where I first saw that term, but I like it) and I enjoy is what I call an Urban Picnic. Eating out all the time is expensive and, depending on where you eat and how much you want to spend, often not particularly healthy. On the other hand, eating every meal at home can also get a little tedious for us. We pack a low-carb meal of mainly finger foods in a backpack, get on our bicycles, and head to the “Grotto” at the Arizona Center in downtown Phoenix.
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A deplorably thought-provoking documentary

I watched a show on Netflix a couple of weeks ago called Minimalism: A Documentary About the Important Things. It’s mainly about two affable young men who seem to be leading lights in the “minimalist movement.” There were some other minimalists in the movie, too, like Joshua Becker. I enjoyed the documentary and recommend it. And it got me thinking about where I have too much stuff in my life and where I’ve struck a good balance. Continue reading “A deplorably thought-provoking documentary”

My deplorable friend Eric

My friend Eric writes – and lives – from a very different perspective than I. He’s a devoutly religious family man who deeply enjoys the rural lifestyle. I’m a rootless atheist urbanite with no kids at home. And yet I see themes I recognize and like in his work. Things like finding joy in simplicityContinue reading “My deplorable friend Eric”

My deplorable desire for a Jeep

Yeah, yeah, I know. I usually come across as a cheapskate skinflint curmudgeon when it comes to buying anything. Here’s the thing, though. It’s not about never spending money or being cheap all the time. It’s about being intentional about the money I do spend. Continue reading “My deplorable desire for a Jeep”

The truly deplorable NFL

I’m an American man, so I’m supposed to be obsessed with sports, most particularly the National Football League. I’m supposed to look forward to Monday Night Football, Thursday Night Football, and of course an entire day of football on Sunday. Depending on where you live, this applies even more so to college football on Saturdays. Continue reading “The truly deplorable NFL”