Deplorable Picnics and Pokemon

One the things Tradwife (not sure where I first saw that term, but I like it) and I enjoy is what I call an Urban Picnic. Eating out all the time is expensive and, depending on where you eat and how much you want to spend, often not particularly healthy. On the other hand, eating every meal at home can also get a little tedious for us. We pack a low-carb meal of mainly finger foods in a backpack, get on our bicycles, and head to the “Grotto” at the Arizona Center in downtown Phoenix.

It’s a nice location, with a water feature, lots of flowers, fake green grass and excellent people-watching. We throw out a blanket and eat a leisurely lunch or early dinner. We always smuggle in some wine, though it’s technically against the rules. Box wine in a red Solo cup is pretty awesomely deplorable!

Anyway, we did an Urban picnic last Saturday night. We didn’t feel like spending money, so we just cobbled together a meal from items we had on hand:

Summer sausage
Swiss cheese
Carrot chips

Yeah, yeah, the meats are processed. Sue me. They’re also delicious.

We ate our meal as the sun went down, enjoying a fun and rambling conversation. People came and went in the little park-like Grotto, with some sitting and chatting for a while, others taking photos, and some just passing through on their way to a restaurant or the movie theater.

One group stood out, though. Four rather obese folks of widely-varying ages were wandering around playing Pokemon Go. I’m sure you’ve heard of this game, where players “catch” virtual creatures on their phones while roaming around outside. I’m of two minds on this game. On the one hand, it’s a pointless waste of time that could be used productively, and encourages people to live yet more of their finite lives with their noses in a four-inch screen. On the other, it gets gamers outside and moving around rather than sitting in front of a PC or game console.

These folks roamed around the Grotto – quite a Pokemon Go hotspot, according to my daughter – for an hour or so, talking about various apparently-common and disappointing Pokemon with their noses buried in their phones. I was glad they were out and about in the city, but I also felt a little sorry for them.

When we’re all old and blind and frail, they’ll remember the time they spent playing Pokemon Go. I’ll remember eating and drinking wine and watching the sun go down, while talking and laughing with a beautiful woman.

I’m pretty sure I win that one.






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