My deplorable friend Eric

My friend Eric writes – and lives – from a very different perspective than I. He’s a devoutly religious family man who deeply enjoys the rural lifestyle. I’m a rootless atheist urbanite with no kids at home. And yet I see themes I recognize and like in his work. Things like finding joy in simplicity

Our consumerist society – with its relentless pressure to Acquire all the things! – often blinds us to the happiness found in working hard for a purpose, the quiet company of those we love, and even the pleasures of an ordinary “non-foodie” meal.

Yet in the end, these things will matter far more than being the first among our Facebook “friends” to have the latest iGizmo, buy the 2017 SUV, or see the latest Star Wars installment.

Eric understands this. He may not be a deplorable consumer, but his perspective is definitely worth exploring.



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