Deplorable self-awareness

There’s this scene in Fight Club where the ever-quotable Tyler Durden, lackadaisically driving a car at suidical speed, asks his back-seat passengers what they want to do before they die. Because they’ve clearly given it thought, they reply instantly.

“Build a house.”

“Paint a self-portrait.”

Yet the Narrator in the story is unable to answer. He’s never thought it through.

This article at Dappered reminded me of that scene. Even though Dappered is mainly a mens-clothing website, there’s a lot of truth in the article. Take a moment and read it, because it contains good advice.

What do you want?

What are your goals?

What defines you?

Where do you want to be this time next year? In five years? In twenty years?

Or do the goals, wants, needs and desires of America’s consumerist society decide for you? Does ESPN or CNN or AMC decide for you? Best Buy or Esquire or Starbucks? Your extended family or neighbors or Facebook “friends”?


Resistance is not futile. Don’t be the Borg. Be you.

I am a deplorable consumer. I’m also the user of really dated pop culture references. Sue me.



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