Non-deplorable debt freedom

Interesting older post from Bobby at Millennial Money Man. His reasoning for being debt free is pretty different from mine, but it’s very legitimate. The part where he bangs on entitled millennials is pretty funny, too!

My wife has recently returned from Virginia, where she stayed on-and-off since late May helping care for a very sick family member.  We weren’t able to fully get on the same financial page while she was gone, which was immediately after she left her job, and there were quite a few unanticipated expenses.

Fortunately, now that she’s back (presumably for good), we were able to go over our household budget in some detail last night. Dave Ramsey’s Everydollar tool makes it pretty easy to understand, so it wasn’t a long conversation. My wife will be able to adjust the budget to take into account her household tasks, and it’s good that we can now be 100% on the same page.

Everyone thinks budgeting is boring, and maybe it is, but I will say we had some pretty spectacular sex after our budget talk. So maybe it’s not that boring. Or, being a deplorable consumer, maybe she just gets turned on by talking about saving money. Or I’m just a cool studly guy.

Either way, I am a deplorable consumer.


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