Here’s to a deplorable 2017!

I posted my year-end wrap-up of 2016 goals and achievements. In the interests of accountability to you, my fellow deplorable consumers, I’m going to post my goals for 2017.

  1. Take my wife on a trip to Sonoma and Napa for wine tasting, preferably for our fifth anniversary in March. I’ve been talking about doing this for probably five years, and now we’re in a debt-free situation where we can fund this entirely with cash. In previous years I refused to take this trip because I refused to go into debt to look at vines and sample wines.
  2. Buy a used Jeep Wrangler in the fall. I’ve wanted a Wrangler for decades, but circumstances always prevented me from buying one. I’ve now changed those circumstances. I think a Jeep would be a very fun – and admittedly totally impractical – vehicle for the wife and me, since we’d like to branch out of our purely-urban lifestyle at least somewhat.
  3. Buy a condo in downtown or midtown Phoenix. We’ve settled into the city very nicely and enjoy living here very much. We have no concerns about school districts or anything like that, since we’re both too old (at 45 and 35) to consider children, so it’s easy for us to live in the heart of the city. As I’ve mentioned, we don’t need anything fancy or expensive, just someplace simple. Supposedly, a unit in our current complex will be going up for sale shortly, and we may consider that.
  4. Do a better job sticking to my entertainment and holiday budgets. Both were somewhat blown out this year and need better control. I’ve started using Dave Ramsey’s Everydollar budgeting tool, which gives a great snapshot of how much I’m spending in a given category, and that’s been helpful in November and December 2016. I also need to do a better job of leading my wife in the budgeting area, because she is definitely a spender more than a saver.
  5. Continue with drinking less and working out more, some things I did well in the last quarter of 2016. That’s nebulous, though, and I really need to come up with more concrete goals, especially for fitness.

That’s it for now. If and when I set more goals, I’ll come back and edit this post in the interests of staying accountable.

I will be a deplorable consumer again in 2017.


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