Deplorable social media strikes again

Social media is addictive because it’s one of the few places where a person faces no immediate repercussion for emotional over-indulgence. – Ed Latimore

One of the things I detest most about social media (and there are a lot of things) is the rampant virtue signaling. It’s like a competition to see who can impress their “friends” by being the most open-minded, tolerant, the least racist, most feminist, or whatever. I’m sure you’ve seen this monstrosity posted somewhere, usually accompanied by a large amount of self-righteous snark:


My own father, a man in his late 60s, recently posted this on Facebook along with a long-winded comment about how “hilarious” it is. A bunch of his beaten-down, emasculated beta-male friends embarrassed themselves by chiming in about how their wives would kick their asses if they asked her to do something like, ya know, make his life a little more comfortable. And of course some women, mostly aging warmed-over relics of second-wave feminism, also commented that they’d never, ever do anything so demeaning. I stupidly pushed back, and I’m sure I got through to exactly no one, once again confirming Facebook to be a total waste of time.

Yet to my wife and me, this sounds like a pretty good way to live. Minus the kids, since I’m 45 and she’s 35, and we’re obviously too old for that. We’re both striving for very traditional gender roles, with me as leader, provider and protector and she as lover, supporter and sex toy (hat tip to Hunter Drew). One of the things that drove me to become a deplorable consumer, in fact, was my desire for my wife to leave her stressful, mainly thankless job in special education administration to stay home. Of course she volunteers and such, and is obviously free to pick up part-time work if she likes, but my income is more than enough for us to live reasonably well.

So long as we live as deplorable consumers, anyway.


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