Deplorable movie viewing

I think I’ve gone to more movies in the last (rolling) year than in the previous five. I saw Star Wars: The Force Awakens and Arrival. Sue me, I like science fiction/fantasy, or at least I used to. If you want reviews, Star Wars sucked donkey balls and Arrival was pretty good, though way more cerebral than I expected. Movies are $10.50 in Phoenix, and this year my success rate at enjoying them is 50%. I watch movies on Netflix, which is $11 a month for unlimited hours of really convenient time-wasting, and I can pause the movie to take a leak.

I don’t know what the upcoming alleged blockbusters are, and I’m not excited about spending time and money to see them. I saw an Avengers movie once and was bored to tears. I have no desire to see Rogue One: A Star Wars Story, even though my daughter will be horribly disappointed. I’m not part of the loosely-organized boycott (#DumpStarWars). I just don’t care about the same stories I did when I was ten, and would rather save the time, money and disappointment.

I am a deplorable consumer.


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