My (her) deplorable gun

I work in the shooting industry. It’s fun. Most of the people in the industry are cool, and a lot of them are unusual in an entertaining way. They all have dozens of guns, from pistols that fit in a pocket, to revolvers that will down an elk with one shot, to rifles like I carried in Afghanistan. I don’t begrudge them any of it. They have a right to own all that stuff. It’s there in the Constitution, depending on who you listen to.

I have one gun. Actually, I don’t even have one. I gradually sold or gave away all mine (somewhere between a dozen and twenty) because they just gathered dust and I needed to pay bills. The pistol in the drawer is my wife’s, which she bought ten or a dozen years ago. It’s a 9mm Smith and Wesson made mainly of plastic. It’s ugly and works great. On the ridiculously remote chance somebody “invaded” my condo it would work fine to shoot them, using the expensive hollow point ammo someone gave me at an industry event.

I do marketing in the gun industry, and as a shooting blogger once pointed out, carrying a gun is a hobby. Owning dozens of guns is a hobby. You can only shoot one, maybe two, at a time. But some people get excitable as to choice, and my company is one of hundreds that accommodate them. For a lot of people, shooting is simply fun (a concept I’ve not quite lost sight of just yet). This is great, because I’d be out of a job otherwise.

People in my industry regard me with suspicion – like I’m retarded or worse yet un-American – when they learn I only have the one gun that isn’t really even mine. I was once even accused of being a communist. But I don’t need $3500 pistols or even $500 pistols beyond the one in the drawer. I have no use for a rifle like the one I lugged around in the Army. If an apocalypse comes, city dwellers like me will probably die at the outset anyway. I have no realistic use for any of the cool-guy guns, and I don’t personally (as opposed to professionally) give a rip about the latest gun introduced at the SHOT Show.

I have no desire for a new gun, or a safe full of guns. I’m not even prepping for Doomsday.

I am a deplorable consumer.


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