My deplorable TV

Somebody posted a picture of a 101” curved 4K TV on one or another social media the other day. I have a big TV, or at least I think it’s a big TV. It’s a flat screen 50” or 52” or 54” or something. I don’t know the technical details about the resolution and I just had to turn around and look at it to know the brand. My wife bought it 11 years ago, long before we were married. I do know that it’s heavier than a new TV, so it takes a little more effort when we move it. My wife dusts it occasionally.

I see big new TVs every time I walk into Walmart to buy groceries. I’m not sure what they do that my existing TV doesn’t do. I can watch DVDs and Blu-Rays and Netflix on my TV now, and play Wii at parties, and that’s all I want to do with it. Walmart sure wants to sell me a new TV, so badly that they line them up at the entrance, but my old TV works fine.

I have no desire for a new TV. I’ll buy a new one when the one I have craps out.

I am a deplorable consumer.



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