My deplorable (lack of) cable TV

I “cut the cord” years ago. I’ve always had an uneasy relationship with TV. It’s mainly just another propaganda outlet driving the consumerist and establishment political agendas. I have one of those gadgets that pulls the digital signal out of the air. It gives a pretty nice picture when I put on the World Series. I think the gadget cost $18. Cable costs like $100 a month.

TV shows are just time-fillers. I watch some of the shows that are available on Netflix when I have time to fill, usually after I work out and eat dinner and want to wind down while drinking decaf tea. Some are better than others. Netflix costs $11 a month and there are no commercials. Cable costs $100 a month, which you get to pay Comcast for the privilege of watching commercials for things you didn’t know you needed.

I have no desire for cable TV. Ever.

I am a deplorable consumer.


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