Deplorable commercials and social media

I organize my life to avoid commercial advertising to the extent possible. Yeah, I know this sounds stupid for someone who does marketing for a living. Sue me, but I can no longer stand the omnipresent attempts to sell me things I don’t need to impress people I don’t know or like.

I don’t watch network television at home. I only watch commercial-free Netflix.

I watch sports in the local bar, where I can’t hear the TV commercials (or the inane game commentary). I talk to my buddies in the pub during the commercials, and don’t even look at the screen. Or I take a piss, because I’d rather smell the men’s room than watch a TV commercial.

I dismiss every single ad that comes across my Twitter feed on principle. I don’t care what the product might be or who sponsored the ad.

I throw every piece of junk mail advertising I get directly into the recycling bin next to my condo’s mailboxes, without even a glance.

I deactivated my personal Facebook page partially because I don’t want to see the constant advertising.

I usually have a small gathering to watch the Super Bowl in my living room (though that may change with NFL’s recent catering to the social justice crybabies). Between plays I talk to my friends and never see any of the vaunted commercials that are apparently the talk of office water coolers the Monday after the game.

I don’t know what the 2017 cars look like. I don’t know a thing about Bud Light’s latest celebrity ad campaign. I don’t know what movies start next Friday. I don’t know what show comes after The Big Bang Theory.

I am a deplorable consumer.



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