Protein on the cheap

One of the forums I follow is decidedly skewed toward men 20 years younger than I am (I’m 46). The forum is about masculine self-improvement, and one of the central themes on the forum is weightlifting, with a strong emphasis on consuming large amounts of protein in order to fuel muscle gains. The problem is that young men are typically in low-earning jobs and assume they can’t afford to buy a lot of meat to get the recommended amounts of protein in their diets. Continue reading “Protein on the cheap”


Those deplorable holidays

Tomorrow is Thanksgiving Day. I’m grateful this year for many things: prosperity for both Tradwife and me and my daughter and her husband, continued general good health, a reconnection with a really enjoyable old friend, and the tremendous amount of fun we have here in Phoenix. The day after Thanksgiving is, of course, Black Friday. Or, as Steven McQueen put it, “…the day we trample people for things we don’t need, the day after being thankful for what we have.” Continue reading “Those deplorable holidays”

A deplorable kitchen

I go on and on here about the importance of cooking at home. And by that, I mean real cooking, not taking a heavily-preserved and cleverly-marketed food-like substance out of a colorful box and warming it in the microwave. That shit will make you obese, give you chronic diseases, and end you with a miserable and early death. A much better idea is to eat wholesome food selected from the periphery of the grocery store rather than from the aisles. Continue reading “A deplorable kitchen”

Deplorable summer baseball

I love baseball. I like a lot of sports, but I love baseball. There’s a romance to the slow-moving game, a poetry to the pitching especially, and a feeling that it’s a game from a better and simpler time. And baseball is still remarkably and blessedly free of the leftist politics that has infected football at all levels and basketball at the NBA level.

But as everyone knows, seeing pro sports games can be really expensive. Taking a family of four to a ball game — after tickets, parking, food, drinks, etc. — can easily run a few hundred bucks. This is frankly ridiculous, and is one reason so many people have quit going to games (and movies, for that matter).

Continue reading “Deplorable summer baseball”